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Autor: Bujak Adam
Dostępność: 24 godzin
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John Paul II continuously encouraged to sainthood. Through numerous beatifications and canonization, upon the examples of specific persons, the Holy Father proved that it is possible to achieve sainthood for any mortal human being. However, He convinced us most with His own life, He encouraged with his personal example. The radiance of sainthood was characteristic for all of His Pontificate. It was felt in His contacts with people, in prayer, during work,
in suffering and in joy.

This album refers to the open-air exhibition of photographs by Adam Bujak and Arturo Mari held in the Cracow Planty Park, organised to celebrate the 1st anniversary of John Paul II’s death. Almost 100 exceptionally expressive photographs, a selection of pictures from all of the 27 years of the Pontificate, illustrate this extraordinary “radiance of sainthood”. The photographs are accompanied by the remarkable papal texts on the need for sainthood and the way to achieve it.


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    Bujak Adam

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